A snapshot of Muswell Hill rentals

 Dr Ana Attlee N10 Property Geek

Dr Ana Attlee
N10 Property Geek


I've been doing a little research into property rental values in Muswell Hill per property... thought you might be interested. How does your property compare? Want to chat about letting your property or see what you could achieve by renting per room - get in touch ana@collingwoodproperty.co.uk

The per week prices are exactly hat you'd expect. But do take a look at the chart below demand is pretty steady for properties up two beds. Muswell Hill median age is 34 with very small families (see chart below - two bed properties are taking the lions share), as well as a high number of singletons. If you have a larger property that you want to let be aware at what time of year you want to let as this may affect the rent you can achieve. 

Linking with my above points its not too surprising that the largest variation in rental prices are for two bed properties, as these make up the largest proportion of rental properties. Achievable rent in this case is due to location and property type. I find the data on studio flats to be surprising at approx £800 pcm this seems very low and more akin to a per room rate.

data from rentbarometer